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To keep our online preschool running smoothly, please agree to all of these policies:

I understand that after signing up, I will receive an email with access to the preschool's member's area, and I will find resources there on how the preschool runs, as well as all pre-recorded classes.

I understand that this online preschool program is pre-recorded with an optional once per month live zoom class. Assessments are also done through a live zoom session.

Photo/Video Permission I understand that my child may be photographed, voice recorded and/or videotaped while in our preschool zoom classes, and I give permission for Ms. E Marie’s Services LLC and those acting pursuant to its authority a nonexclusive grant to use the resulting photographs and/or video clips of my child for these purposes: Use photographs for our records and a variety of arts & crafts projects. Use photographs for promotional purposes on our preschool website/social media platforms. Display video clips for promotional purposes on our preschool website/social media platforms. Use Photographs for personalized gifts. I also understand that zoom class recordings may be uploaded to our password protected parent portal for all families within the program.

Lastly, I understand that after I register and sign up for online preschool, I will attend a meet and greet with the teacher via zoom. After the 2 week trial tuition must be paid before full enrollment is complete. No refunds for tuition already paid, You may cancel at anytime.